10 reason we love Athliesure and Self Defense!

Athleisure and Self Defense gear might have been around for a while; but recent catwalk trends are turning more and more towards what we have always considered to be 'sportswear'. Nowadays the lines have become so blurred that Fitness/Fashion experts had to coin a new term for it – and Athleisure was defined.


So, what is it, exactly? Athleisure is the new way to describe any sports-type clothing that has been appropriated to become functional in another setting. For example; sleek black tracksuits that have been adapted as evening wear, or smart running shoes that have been specifically designed to match well with a tailored suit. This high fashion/sports combo is proving popular all over the world this season – and self defense gear has a unique place in there too. It has found its function as leather wrist binders become just as popular as a good, old-fashioned bracelet.


With the seasons changing and the trend persisting; we here at Eaglewulf though it time to take a look at the top 10 reasons to love this inspirational new branch of fashion.

1) Fitness Monitor


Without a doubt, the invention of the Smart Watch has gone above and beyond to provide a world where your active lifestyle meets your social life. OK...so if might not be a great self defense tool – but it's certainly something you will want while training. Certain models do more than just connect to Bluetooth and make calls, some (like this Gimto that we love) even monitor how many calories you are burning as you work out! With pedometers and pulse rate monitors built in, some Smart Watches are akin to the Fitbit and we just can't get enough. If Smart Watches aren't a reason to love Athleisure gear, we don't know what will convince you!

 2) Running Shoes


When it comes to running shoes, there are several  functional outfit choices to offer. From black shoes that look and feel formal to ultra modern, brightly colored training shoes that will catch the attention no matter what they are paired with – the running shoe category has it all! We particularly like these white mesh running shoes, which would look fantastic on the beach or teamed with a floral summer dress.

3) The 'Formal' Tracksuit


The tracksuit has come a long way since its early 90's popularity. It has gone out of fashion in such a spectacular way that now, twenty years later, it has been rebirthed with a completely different identity..


Our own personal favorite formal tracksuit sports dark colors, a chic satin finish and sleek lines reminiscent of a luxury sports car. For those looking for ultimate comfort while conquering daily task or excersices we hihhly reccomed adding a tracksuit or two to your wardrobe. At EagleWulf members love sportswear and are known to have closets filled with tracksuits of different designs and colors! Take on the identity of an active pro with these optimal outfits!


 And that's not just for women, either!


Check out this fantastic tracksuit that's just as formal, and just for the guys!

4) the 'Informal' tracksuit (A.K.A. the sports suit)

  • Everyone loves a good sport suit! However, recently the sport suit has taken on a life of its own. From casual day wear for lounging in, to an ideal outfit for popping to the shops while still looking like you have made an effort – the sport suit has your answer! We love this cute little rose number

     5) The Urgency of Emergency equipment

     Nothing says athleisure like arriving to the party prepared! There are more than a few nifty little gadgets out there designed to make your life easier and all under the guise of portable accessories. Nowadays you can have both compass and GPS through your Smart Watch. You can beam out your location as you walk, meaning that anyone could trace your location in the event of an emergency... We have keyrings that double as whistles, torches and lighters, and we have gloves that can monitor heart rates... 

  • Emergency equipment built into clothing is something we can expect to see more and more of, as real-world applications are found in medical sciences. Imagine clothing that could monitor a diabetics blood sugar levels? Or tell you when your pet is about to overheat? This is the future for tech and clothing!

  • 6) Self Defense

  • Self Defense is not just for the folk in martial arts suits! These neat keyrings will keep anyone from attacking you, while this self-defenses bat will make your attackers think twice!

7) Hydration Backpack

The hydration backpack is the brilliant new piece of fashion-tech used by military personnel across the world. This pack is making the lives of hikers everywhere easier. Store your water on you back and throw in some high vis to make sure you are extra safe

8) The Fitness Moniter

This fascinating contraption is worn like a bracelet and keeps track of your heart rate... kind of like the Smart Watch but with specific functions.

 9) Secret Compartments

Who doesn't like a good hidden pocket? Well now you can go one step farther and keep your secrets truly concealed with this under-clothes leg holster. Carry comfortably and never leave home unarmed again.

10) Military Fashion

Military fashion has been about for a while, but its recent application in self-defense and athleisure clothing has earned it a place on our list. This military pouch looks stylish but had multiple functions to it. Like most military wear it comes with added durability and a sense of purpose, meaning we just love it.


So, what are you waiting for? We have a fantastic selection of athleisure products that will transform the way you see clothing. From going to the Gym to the shops or the outdoors and even more– no longer do you need to lay out three outfits for one day. Become more versatile and look good doing it! Head on over to our page at EagleWulf.com and have a proper browse!



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